Imitation / Vintage

Harley Gereedschap

Hoe kun je herkennen of Harley gereedschap imitatie is of origineel Harley-Davidson? Hier volgen die belangrijke kenmerken van origineel gereedschap.


Knuckle sparkplug wrench

Manifold wrench 94538-30

Rivet tools

Valve key replacement tool, part number 96615-30

Valve key replacement tool, part number 96615-30  a

buffer tank '45

Canadian Ordnance Shop' kit of hand tools' chest

compressor valve spring

cutter valve seat clearence

fixture connecting rod clamping

hydrometer battery

Indian tools

jubilee air horn muffler extention

jubilee horn

kit lamp

kit of hand tools chest H.D. Medium


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hamer (Rawhide Mallet)

bankschroef hulpstukken (Cupper Vice Jaws)


pliers+wrench + clutchspring tool

puller gear & bushing + puller tappet guide

screw driver+ square shank screw driver

spare parts kit roll

spareparts boxes

sprocket riveting jig

tire tools

tire tools

tool chain

tool clutch gear oil seal

tool clutch gear oil seal puller and installer

tool kit chain breaker

tool piston pin bushing

tool vlave key

utility tool chest

wlc toolbag

workshop bridge

workshop wrench spark plug

wreches tappet adj.

wrench cylinder base nut

wrench flywheel shaft nut

wrench head bolt

wrench manifold

wrench spoke nipple front and rear

wrench wheel mounting socket screw

wrench+socket spark plug